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Course #1


A complete course with explanation on how to stop trust corrosion and reverse the ‘turning away’ natural process. This is the advanced course companion course to 21 Day Blueprint in which the focus is daily habits that induce trust and safety in the relationship

It also shows you with clarity and specifics each of the trust corrosion habits and how to break them for good.

(Value $99)

Course #2


a course for women who want to take pleasure into their own hands. This course will help you understand your wife better. It brings pleasure into the open as we research and discuss the different types of orgasmic activities women enjoy. Both you and your wife will discover something empowering in this course, and learning it together will help you reach new heights!

This course gives women permission to masturbate and release men from the responsibility of always having to climax their wives. Then, without the pressure, sex is better and the orgasms are stronger. You’ll have fun with this one!

(Value $99)

Course #3

Love Made Simple

a complete couples workshop weekend refilmed as an online course so that you can overcome communication issues. See how easy it can be to turn towards each other and really connect. Talk about the hard topics you would normally avoid, and have a better mutual understanding of the journey you take together as husband and wife.

This course is based on the famous and proven to work Couples Workshops of Gal and Liron Szekely.

(Value $250)

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