Dealing with the current situation is stressful. This e-book was written by Tina Tessina to help you during the lockdown and the stress of living in the shadow of a major crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic

There are so many practical tips in here.

In the guide you will learn:

  • The seven steps to overcoming Panic – it is so natural to be going through waves of panic. It’s normal and natural and these tips will help you recover
  • Making a Plan – you need to map your needs, your constraints and to have a base plan on how you will overcome some of the known hurdles
  • Regular Meetings – as your family adjusts to the new normal, there will be a lot of new friction. This helps to reduce friction and connect you as a family. Learn how to conduct a State of the Union Meeting
  • Get Equipped – find out what is important and what you do not want to forget so that you minimize the overhead emotional cost of going outside more than is needed
  • Share Tasks – not only this will bring you together as a couple and as a family, but it will also help you reduce the load on your shoulders

And six other topics – Staying Strong, Staying Connected, Overcoming Overloaded Feelings, Helping Family Members In Need, Overcoming Loneliness, and Keeping the Love Flowing.

We have made this e-book available for $1 to make it is easy for you and make sure you take the time to read through it.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 47 pages E-Book

Difficulty: Easy

Course Instructor

Tina Tessina Tina Tessina Author

Coping With Crisis