This Fun Course Will Strengthen Your Relationship 

It is common to believe that trust is something that breaks. Infedilty as an example, shutters the fundemental trust in a marriage and once it’s gone – it’s gone for good.

And infedility comes in many shapes and forms… Sometimes even years of choosing your priorities wrong can feel as bad as being cheated, or even worse.

The truth is, that trust corodes over time. It happens naturally, every time you turn away from your partner. Every time you ignore your partners’s pain. Every time you are not attuned to your partner’s needs. Every time you talk with contempt you corode the trust that hold the relationship in tact.

Even investing only as much as you are withdrawing from the connection bank account you are coroding your trust.

After a few years… you behave more like room mates than lovers.


This is why we developed the Trust course and the Trust Game within it.

In this course you will find a way to reverse the corosion and enhance the trust in the relationship. This course can be done individually or as a couple, and will get you amazing results even after applying the principles for 21 days straight.

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Estimated Time: 3 hours

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Shachar and Ziv Shachar and Ziv Author

Generous Marriage Foundations – Trust