This is heartbreaking. 

We are so sorry for your loss. 

This situation is painful. It’s unbearable and you can’t stop thinking how unfair it is.

You feel alone and upset.

We are so sorry you have lost a loved one. Your loved one. 

Tina Tessina knows Grief.

As a teenager, she lost EVERYONE over the course of six years. 

As a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist, she has been helping people overcome grief for decades. 

And yes… we are not afraid to say that you can get through grief.

That doesn’t mean you will stop remembering your loved one. You won’t.

It doesn’t mean the pain will go away. Most likely some of it will be a part of you for the rest of your life.

But understanding what Grief is, and learning practical, respectful, mindful ways to get through it can become a key in respecting the wishes of your loved ones that is no longer with you.


Is this e-book for you?

  • If you lost a family member or someone you love
  • If you got disconnected or ghosted by a new promising relationship
  • If you divorced
  • If you went through miscarriage 
  • If your pet died
  • If you got fired 
  • And even if you are going through health changes 


All of these create Grief. It is natural, overwhelming and can often cause effects that are depression-like on your life. 


The first step in overcoming Grief can be to invest $12 in your healing process. This 48 pages e-book is designed to give you practical tips and we hope you get through your grief.

We are truly sorry for your loss and your hardship. 

Course Information

Estimated Time: 48 pages E-Book

Difficulty: Easy

Course Instructor

Tina Tessina Tina Tessina Author

Grief – Ebook Course