Raising kids can be so frustrating. Especially if they are not yours.

Juggling between work, household chores, having an intimate relationship with your partner, and trying to have some fun, can be overwhelming…
But doing it in a blended family… that can be absolutely daunting.

But there is hope.

Some of the solutions for the challenges are similar in different blended families.
So I prepared this comprehensive guide on How Single Parents Can Blend Families.

In the guide there are valuable, practical tips on:

  • Parenting a blended family – including tips on using family meetings (which include everyone) on a weekly basis, and specific tips on how to help everyone bond
  • Having a new baby – your existing children, who have already been through the disruption of divorce or loss of a parent, can become anxious and agitated when you and your partner get excited about a new baby. They can easily begin to feel that they’ll be second best to the new baby unless you introduce the idea in the right way
  • Sharing custody – how to help your children with transitioning between two homes
  • Step-parenting – even if you didn’t parent well with your past partner, don’t let that be an excuse for perpetuating problems or clashing with your current partner
  • Blending different faiths and cultures – when you and your partner or exes disagree about faith, you may have great difficulty resolving the issue, because it has so much meaning for each of you, and also because your family pressures and obligations affect the decision
  • Managing your ex – If you and your ex-partners are all involved in parenting decisions and in relating to the children during various visitation, you should figure out how to get past your struggles and agree on how to work together

If you’re a single parent contemplating remarriage, you’re about to take a very big, important step. The information in this course can help you make it smoother and more successful.

If you’ve already gotten together, and you’re having trouble with step-parenting and blending your families, this course will help you create a happy blended family.

If your children or grandchildren are struggling with these issues, this course could help them overcome the struggles

I’m here for you. Click on the Enroll button below to get the support you need to create a stable, happy blended family.

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How Single Parents Can Blend Families