Breakthrough your communication issues and fall in love again!

Somehow you find yourself arguing a lot more, and being intimate much less.

It’s frustrating and confusing – why can’t two good hearted, intelligent people, make their relationship work??


Gal Szekeli and Liron Cohen, Marriage and Family Therapists, founders of The Couples Center in San Francisco, know what you’re going through… They have worked with hundreds of couples just like you.

You love each other, but you feel like roommates or business partners, or worse. You know you deserve more than this, but you don’t know how to get there.

You’re not alone in this relationship journey! Strong partnerships don’t just happen—they require tools and resources most of us weren’t given.

No matter how bad the situation is, you can find your way back to each other!

In Love Made Simple, Gal and Liron will teach you the theory and tools to:

  • Stop the fighting
  • Communicate better
  • Feel understood and appreciated
  • Fall in love again
  • Make your relationship extraordinary 


Course Information

Estimated Time: 86 videos; 9 hours

Course Instructor

Gal Szekeli Gal Szekeli Author

Love Made Simple


Module 0 – Introduction

Module 1 – Relationship mindset

Module 2 – Create a new paradigm of love

Module 3 – Increase your emotional IQ

Module 4 – Reverse the negative dance

Module 5 – Give each other what you really need

Module 6 – Heartfelt conversations

Module 7 – Embrace your differences

Module 8 – Ignite Love & Passion