I invite you into a journey…

of research and study of the self, on a personal and intimate level.

Let’s learn together and explore ourselves, the power within us.

Let’s find out something deep about our sexuality.

From self touch, through improving pleasure in sex, up to powerful orgasms and multi orgasms…

and everything and anything you choose to explore between them

Let’s have some fun!

Or a lot of it…

Let’s learn about sexuality, whenever you want to, as many times you want to and wherever you choose

Even now.

Here, in this course that I have prepared especially for you

Come… let’s overcome the fears and the limiting beliefs that were passed to us from generation to generation

Come and discover what pleasure as a way of life feels like

Because your pleasure is in your hands!

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 165 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Course Instructor

Michal Maayan Don Michal Maayan Don Author

The Orgasmic Woman Course: Pleasure as a Way of Life

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