So your partner is distant, huh?! We are sorry about that. But… newsflash: There’s probably a good reason for that.


Men make themselves distant. That’s what they do. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to change that in them – it’s genetic. A combination of too much testosterone and single focused brain. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change the way he treats you. The secret is in understanding what draws your man away from you.

Perhaps he feels underappreciated, that you don’t see his struggles, the stress he is under, and the efforts he is making for you and the family. Or he might be feeling you’re too controlling, that you don’t trust him and his way of doing things enough.


A good antidote for that is expressing gratitude more often. Check out Episode 2 where we discuss gratitude and give you fun and effective tools to express more gratitude and create a healthy cycle of appreciation and generosity.

To download the gratitude practices:

We understand that you don’t feel cared for, and it’s hard to express care for him when you don’t feel loved, but if you know his love language, it can be pretty easy to make him feel cared for, which will help him get closer to you and give you what you are yearning for. Check out Episode 1 where we talk about love languages and guide you on the what-makes-you-feel-cared for conversation which will help you find out your love languages and support you in making each other feel loved and cared for.


You need to invest in your emotional bank account. You do that by turning towards him in an effective way, a way that makes him want to turn towards you. We discuss the emotional bank account in Episode 9. Check it out, and download the bonus to play a fun game that can inspire more generosity between you two.


If you want to try and understand him deeper, and really get why he’s so distant, you should probably look into your dynamic. Couples fall into a negative cycle, in which your way of protecting yourself is poking his sensitivity, and his way of protecting himself is poking your sensitivity. Understanding your cycle, and especially what’s happening below the surface – your sensitivities – can teach you how to stop pushing each other buttons and start bringing more empathy, care and support to each other. That will bring a huge relief and create a positive cycle of care and support.


We discuss the couple’s dynamic in Episode 8. Check it out, listen to Sheryl and Jordan’s story, use the bonus worksheet we created to identify your triggers, and we are sure you will experience a great relief.


While you’re looking into it, you might want to also check Episode 7, where we discuss the power of vulnerability, which is the key to transforming your negative cycle to a positive one.

To download the game from Episode 7, click the button below:


If you fight a lot, you should probably listen to Episode 5, in which we discuss how to handle hard moments, and give you practical tools for effective communication (a.k.a nonviolent communication).


Also, you should listen to Episode 4, and learn how to maintain a healthy relationship. Download the bonus to get some more tips on that.


And what about sex? Sex is super important for a long term relationship. In Episode 10 we talk about maintaining a healthy erotic tension and in the bonus we guide you on finding your core erotic theme that will help you feel more turned on and more satisfied by your love life. While you’re there, thinking about sex, listen to Episode 11, in which we give you a list of habits sexually happy couple make sure to do with each other, and guide you on how to implement those habits in your busy lives.

Ready to add Generosity to your marriage?


Women listen to the Generous Marriage Podcast because they know it's made by men, for men. That might seem counter-intuitive but it's actually simple. All of the secrets are shared here and getting your spouse to listen or implement will yield what you are longing for.  Connection. Intimacy. Care. LOVE. 

We are sorry in behalf of all man for what we men have put you through.