Summary of this Episode


In this episode we are interviewing Gal Szekely, a relationship expert, a senior couples therapist, and the founder of The Couples Center in San Francisco.

These are some of the topics we covered in the interview:

  • Does a relationship depend on communication? (surprising answer: no!)
  • What do people want from their partners?
  • How do you help your partner feel felt?
  • The 4 steps to attunement
  • The importance of attunement in relationships, intimacy and sex


    Bonus: 4 Steps to Attunement


    Gal is brilliant in making complex ideas simple. Through talking to him we understood his model of creating attunement in relationships, and prepared a fun and easy to understand infographic of The 4 Steps to Attunement.

    Click the button below to download the infographic. You should probably print it and stick it to your refrigerator, so you can remember to practice it daily.


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