We ALL have communication issues 

Don’t we all want to fight less? to have more intimacy (yes, more sex too) and a great connection with our spouse? To feel understood and appreciated, supported and loved?

Join Shachar Erez and Ziv Raviv on a journey to establish your own Generous Marriage.  It won’t be easy. But with the right tools and information, we could make this marriage work again.

Welcome, to the Generous Marriage Podcast.

Which of the following three common situations makes you relate the most?

Can we become Generous in Marriage?

Research shows that yes, we can become more generous in our marriage, and Shachar Erez managed to help many couples in that journey as a marriage counselor in both California and Israel.

Shachar teamed up with Podcaster Ziv Raviv to embark on a journey of sharing relationship advice for men and for women, through the Generous Marriage Podcast.

Listen to the podcast

Why should you listen to the Generous Marriage Podcast?

The Generous Marriage Podcast is about helping couples thrive in a long term committed relationship:

  • Love more
  • Fight less
  • Experience more intimacy
  • Feel more appreciated
  • Have more sex

Generous Marriage means you create a positive feedback loop in which you keep on tapping your partner’s cup of generosity with your own generosity, making generosity in your relationship overflow.

Your kindness ignites your partner’s love. Your appreciation makes your partner feel valued. When your partner feels valued it’s easy for him/her to come closer to you and make you feel loved.
Pretty awesome cycle…

In The Generous Marriage Podcast, your hosts Ziv Raviv and Shachar Erez will share weekly episodes with tips, stories, tools and research on how to feel more connected, loved, valued and free in your relationship.

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Weekly episodes with stories, tools and research that will help you make your marriage generous


Shachar Erez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 12 years married, father of two

Ziv Raviv, 16 years married, father of three

Guys are wired so simply. We need APPRECIATION and sex

We all have been there. It feels like she doesn’t RESPECT anything you do. You are doomed to fail no matter what.

You work your ass off at work to provide for the family, then you come home and help with the kids. On weekend you fix things around the house, but she sees NOTHING of that.


Whatever you say…  she scolds you, with that critical, DISSATISFIED look. Her eyes can burn your skin when she is like that. As if you were a misbehaving kid. Don’t even try to talk back, or raise your voice. Even a little and she gets so deeply offended, and now you can’t talk to her, maybe even for a WEEK OR TWO. WTF?!!


You keep trying to make her happy, but whatever you do you get –

Nice Try – but you FAILED again. No SEX for you… And you only wanted her to SEE you. To appreciate you for who you are, what you do and what you are WORTH.


You wish she just let go already and trust you.

You want to feel appreciated, valued.

Between you and a few close man friends, you sometimes wonder aloud if you married a BITCH…

It’s not all black and white though. 

On good days, you’re good friends and you enjoy each other’s presence.

But how can you make it that there are more good days than bad? Is it just random stuff or can you control it somehow?


When your relationship is in trouble everything else is affected. LIFE ISN’T FUN  anymore. This means you have less energy for exercises or eating healthy, and even your business focus is not what it could be. 


Your suspect that makes the kids act out much more. They misbehave. They talk to you disrespectfully. They become clingy and needy, but you have less energy for them too, as your love tank is empty.


You’re doing fine at work, you can find some refuge there, as people notice what you do and appreciate you. People respect you… But sometimes you have less motivation and energy even at work, because of a fight you had at home. Oh come on. Who are we kidding. That sometimes is almost ALL THE TIME!


For some of us, we look for relief in our “cave”: alcohol, weed, internet, TV, porn and other ways to avoid communicating. To sedate. Life just seems more dull when you need to defend yourself all the time.

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Men listen to the Generous Marriage Podcast because they know its made by men, for men. We understand what you are going through because we GO THROUGH the same... stuff. 


Shachar Erez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 12 years married to Judy, father of two

Ziv Raviv, 16 years married to Rotem, father of three

Does he even still LOVE you? then WHY… this… AGAIN…

You wonder if he still cares for you at all.

Often you suspect its worse… Did you marry a jerk? What an ass hole!

It’s hard to trust him. You often feel disappointed with him. As if he’s just a man-child, leaving you to take care of everything around the house. On your own of course.


As if he can’t see what needs to be done unless you tell him to do that. So annoying. You feel so helpless and misunderstood. You didn’t sign up for this.


You hate the woman you become in those moments and he has no clue and keeps bringing the worst in you. Harsh and critical. But how can you not be when he keeps avoiding you?


On good days you are loving and are moving towards each other. You understand each other deeply. You have intimacy. If only you could count the amount of those days with more than one hand… 

On bad days, it seems like you can’t say anything to him without him blowing up on you or making himself distant on purpose.


You wish you had more good days huh?!

 Sex used to be a playful, romantic and a curious experience. Now it’s often boring. Like another chore around the house. Yikes… Hopefully, you still have some of that good sex, or at least want to have it, but you wish for much more intimacy and dialogue


Deep inside you crave letting go in his presence. Knowing that he’s got it, and you can finally relax and let go of your worries and responsibilities. But that is not going to happen in this lifetime. Right? 


When you’re going through rough times in your relationship other things are affected as well. The kids seem to act out more, or at least you feel like you have less emotional room for them. You lash out on them more often than usual. Life becomes depressing.

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Women listen to the Generous Marriage Podcast because they know it's made by men, for men. That might seem counter-intuitive but it's actually simple. All of the secrets are shared here and getting your spouse to listen or implement will yield what you are longing for.  Connection. Intimacy. Care. LOVE. 

We are sorry in behalf of all man for what we men have put you through.

You fight. EVERY single day.

You feel like this is NOT working between you guys any more.

What happened? How did you reach this low? This wasn’t like that at the start and yet right now – the situation is so bad you are helpless. Where do you even start on fixing something that is… BROKEN as your relationship is. And even if you try, isn’t it hopeless?


Anything you say to each other becomes a screaming fight or a cold silence. Then it’s hard to even look at each other. Sex? Hard to remember that… You don’t feel sexy when you feel stuck and helpless.


The kids are affected, of course. They act out all the time. Fight a lot. Being a lot more needy. They’re tired of hearing you fight.


Maybe you even noticed that the people around you don’t really enjoy being around you as a couple anymore.


Sometimes work is affected as well. You have less energy. Less motivation. You’re less creative.


Life seems dull, grey.


Luckily, you have good times as well, in which you feel connected to each other. You’re close and loving. You play and lough. You share deep intimacy. You enjoy each other.


At the Generous Marriage Podcast we provide research-based tips and tools, that real couples used to transform their marriages and have many more good times than bad times.

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