Without Going to Therapy Or Having Long Painful Talks

Even if you sometimes think that there is no hope

Own your shit and go back to being the protector and provider

Previously $199. Pay now only $47. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Stop! Is This You?

If you relate to any one of the following four statements – you cannot afford NOT to keep reading!

  • ^You don’t understand how your business results acould be tied to your marriage
  • ^You can't see any sense in investing more time and effort into improving your marriage
  • ^You feel unappreciated at home, so putting effort back into your marriage isn't appealing
  • ^You’re unhappy, the business is struggling, and you have almost given up on the marriage
proof THE
PROBLEM exists

The research proves it. Being happily married makes you a better entrepreneur, business owner, and career man. Measured by what? Money! That’s right – happily married men are likely to be more successful at earning more than unhappily married men.

The problem of being unhappy in a marriage or permanent relationship can – AND DOES – show up outside of the matrimonial home. But, you already know that – don’t you? Yes, but we wanted scientific proof. That’s why we went looking deeper into the problem – and what we found shocked us to the core!

We are familiar with the consequences of a business that “stays in the red” for too long. Without a fix it could – and probably would – mean a closure of the business. Maybe even with debt. Well, a marriage can also be in a state of being “in the red.” A marriage “ in the red ” is unhealthy.


Here’s the real problem you could be experiencing – in simple, no-fluff language. Staying in the red means you fight a lot. You “fall out of love” with your wife and “fall in love” with your business instead. You seek personal fulfillment by throwing yourself into the business. How’s that been working out for you?

The business eventually starts mirroring the problems at home. It begins to plateau. Business begins to sink. Unhappiness abounds at home and now at work. There’s risks of giving in to temptations and having a ‘no strings’ relationship outside of the marriage (an affair). The marriage is under threat and the business is going backwards. What next? Losing your business and/or your marriage?

Happily Married
Helps You Earn More
Being in a happy, supportive marriage is as good as having your own life coach and mastermind group under one roof. Researchers noted happily married people have a partner who encourages them to be their best (life coach), and someone to talk to and bounce ideas off (helps with inspiration and stress reduction).

The world of an entrepreneur/business owner can be stressful — but being happily married makes it less stressful. Not only does a happy marriage give you a friend and a companion, but research cited in the Journal of Human Resources also found that married men earn more and are better compensated than their single counterparts. We go one step further. Happily married men earn more than unhappily married men, and much more than single men – happy or unhappy.

We’re Two Guys
With Wives And
– just like you

My name is Ziv Raviv. I married my highschool sweetheart 16 years ago, and together my wife and I have three great kids. I’m also the owner of several successful businesses, and a sought after Business Coach who helps business owners double and triple their results.

My expertise is in incorporating a holistic approach that focuses on establishing a strong support system from a marriage partner. Since discovering the connection between business success and a happy marriage – my businesses keep growing exponentially.

My business partner in the RESET Your Marriage Blueprint for Getting Out of the Red (you’re about to discover all about it in a moment) is Shachar Erez. He is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

He has been married for 13 years and is a father of two sweet kids, so he knows the challenges of long term relationships not only from a professional perspective but also from personal experience. Shachar loves nothing more than helping couples fall in love again.

Together, Shachar and I also host the long-running and highly successful podcast, The Generous Marriage Podcast.
Together, Shachar and I also host the long-
running and highly successful podcast,
The Generous Marriage Podcast.

5 Day Blueprint For Getting ‘Out Of The Red’ And Back Into Happiness

Okay! Let’s get into the juicy parts. Based on our deep research, extensive experience, and genuine desire to help more men boost their business results by being in a happier marriage – we’ve created a mind-blowing mini-course for getting you the results you would want. And faster than you have probably ever imagined.

The 5 Day Blueprint training promises these happiness building, business-boosting results:

  • NStart Talking Again - like you used to when dating
  • NFall In Love Again - and see your wife reflect that back to you
  • NFeel Appreciated Again - as the provider and protector of your family
  • NGet Intimate Again - so that you renew and maintain that old spark
  • NBe Prosperous Again - roll up to business feeling hungry for success!
How Fast Do You Want
To Experience A Happier Marriage And Rapid Results In Business?
How Fast Do You Want To Experience A Happier Marriage And Rapid Results In Business?

How does 5 fast days sound? Or less. It depends on how open minded you are – and how willing you are to invest a tiny $47 USD (normally $197) to let us teach you via our easy-to-view-online training videos, accompanying study guide (PDF), and quick reference infographic to save time and help results come even faster!

The 5 Day Get-Out-Of-The-Red Blueprint Video Training Program

  • NLesson 1: Putting a deposit into the love account
  • NLesson 2: Complements, complements, complements
  • NLesson 3: Grab her '10 Minutes!' - she'll gasp in delight
  • NLesson 4: The secret hug she'll never forget
  • NLesson 5: Can't afford diamonds - buy these instead!
  • NLesson 6: Show your main muscle and get busy using it
  • NLesson 7: Use your fingers along with hers and fill this in - together!
  • NLesson 8: Saying you're sorry for something you know she was hurt by
  • NLesson 9: A Date Night she'll never forget
  • NLesson 10: The one question we guarantee you've never asked her
  • NLesson 11: Owning up to not doing something you told her you'd do
  • NLesson 12: Your turn! How to ask for something YOU need - like this … …
  • NLesson 13: Set the egg-timer and start kissing her
  • NLesson 14: How to surprise her in the most caring way possible
  • NLesson 15: Grab her naked foot and start massaging (just do it - but go no further, yet!)
  • NLesson 16: Do TWO of these THREE things tomorrow - and watch what happens
  • NLesson 17: Sit her down and together plan to do this one thing that real lovers do
  • NLesson 18: It's hands-on time again. How to REALLY back massage her
  • NLesson 19: Treat her to a hot bath with rose petals, without the kids listening at the door
  • NLesson 20: Do this little surprise thing - and play all-in and full-out!
  • NLesson 21: Share insights together about the past 3 weeks
  • NBONUS: Lesson 22 - Tips for asking for a ‘quickie’ before lunch time!
How You Benefit From Joining Us
As We Train You By Video In 5 Days!

This is simple. We’ve studied the data. Plus, we know from personal and professional experience. It’s irrefutable. Happily married people make more money, live longer and are healthier – compared to both unmarried people, and married people who are unhappy in the marriage.

Your main benefit is very real. The life-changing possibility of a happier marriage, faster return of success in your business, and a longer, healthier life for both of you. For only $47 USD? That’s not a typo…


OH – and you get to keep the videos for life and watch them as many times you like.

“But, Guys! I Don’t Have The Time To Watch Training Videos”

We believe you can make the time – because you watch the lessons only when it suits you. Besides, the videos are no longer than five minutes each and are packed with tips you’ll want to rewatch. Watch any one of the 21 training videos online anytime, anywhere. If you have an online device connected you’re good to go.
Which means you can also go back and review as many lessons as you want. Watch them over and over again in a totally self-paced time frame. Watch them alone or with your wife. Anyhow, the time for excuses is over
– don’t you think?
It’s 100% True. The Course Is Only $47 USD And Nothing More To Pay.

This special, crazy low price of $47.00 USD is limited in quantities sold at our own discretion. Please do not be mistaken into thinking this is a false price. It’s very real and so is our right to remove the offer at any time by taking this page down as we so choose.

So, please. No complaints if you come back and find this offer has suddenly been removed during the month of June.

No-Risk 30 Day
Money-Back Guarantee

Read that again. It doesn’t say 7 or even 14 day guarantee. Your purchase is covered by our 30 Guarantee. You can order today with confidence and without risk or regret.

If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. That’s why in the unlikely event you’re not satisfied at any time after your purchase of today we’ll happily refund every one of your 47 dollars with courtesy.

In fact – you don’t even need to give us a reason. If you want your money back – we want you to have your money back in rapid time. We only want to be working with happy, satisfied customers.

I Still Need Convincing …
We understand. Try these next three ‘no brainer’ reasons for ordering today! And then if still not convinced – then that’s perfectly alright. This training is obviously not for you (yet).

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

What will 2021 look like for your marriage and business? What’s going to happen to your hopes and dreams?. Look, for $47.00 USD you get a 30 day money-back guarantee. Which means even after 30 days of giving our course a real work-out, you can still ask for a refund.

Check out and see if this thing we call “Reset Your Marriage Blueprint” is all we are claiming it will be. Make this a no-brainer of a decision. Order the training now. Before it’s too late (if you know what we mean).

Questions We Think Could Still Be On Your Mind
Q: How long is each video?
A: 3-5 minutes.
Q: Can I/we watch each of the videos more than once?
A: Yes. As many times as you/both of you like.
Q: Can I/we watch the videos on mobile?
A: Yes, of course. All you need is an internet connection.
Q: What is the guarantee?

A: 30 day money-back guarantee on the $47 offer. If you’re not happy, we don’t want to keep your money.

Q: What if I/we can’t watch the daily video every day for 5 consecutive days?
A: It will still work, even if you take breaks. Start again when you can.
Q: What if I only take action on some of the days?
A: It will still work. Even if you take action on any FIVE of the 21 days training, you can expect to see mind-blowing results.
Q: What can I expect in terms of business results?

A: We can’t GUARANTEE any of your business results. This is just your first step in the journey of business growth through relationship growth. BUT – if you are not happy with the business results – we offer a unique LIFETIME guarantee, so ask for your $27 back whenever you want to. We will happily refund you.

Q: What if my wife will not, cannot, or does not cooperate?

A: We have you covered. In the course handouts is a letter we’ve prepared for you to print, sign, and offer to her. It introduces her to what you’re doing and the intent behind it. If she refuses to see you try harder, and you investing time and energy in your relationship – then here’s just a few options to consider:

  • Try longer with the same process until she believes by your actions rather than your words.
  • Seek professional help. Therapy has been proven to work in many cases.
  • Seek a lawyer. You are clearly going to stay ‘in the red’ for a long time and that might eventually force you to pay the ultimate price.
  • Use the money back guarantee and get your $47 back.

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