Summary of this Episode

In this episode we are interviewing Michal Maayan Don, a conscious sexuality teacher, a shaman and an academic.

In this great conversation we talk about owning your power, enhancing your orgasm, and using the energy created by love making to live more fully, be more creative, and enjoy a life full of pleasure.


These are some of the topics we covered in the interview:

    • How shame, fear and guilt are the obstacles to healthy sexuality
    • How most of us are stuck developmentally at age 12. Having sex the same way we did as teenagers
    • The benefits of maturing sexually
    • The difference between orgasm to orgasmic sensations
    • Using orgasm and love making to fill your life with creativity, joy and aliveness
    • 3 tips on enhancing your orgasmic power

Bonus: Owning Your Power Sexually


Michal wrote a great article for us, about empowerment through sex.

Understanding her perspective on sexuality can help you feel more empowered, and free to express yourself authentically.
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