Summary of this Episode

In this episode we are interviewing Sondra Harmon, the founder of

In this great conversation we talk about creating joy-filled relationships.

Sondra shares with us her story and how she came about creating a network of relationship mentors, in which you can learn from people who have great relationships and are willing to share their wisdom with each other.


These are some of the topics we covered in the interview:

    • How can we create joy-filled relationships
    • How taking responsibility for your side is what’s needed for generosity in a relationship
    • How clarity on your needs is crucial
    • Using meditation as a tool for better relationship
    • Using relationship mentoring – learning from the masters of relationships – to improve your love life

Bonus: Relationship Meditation 


Sondra created a meditation for us, which is called The Magic Mirror meditation.
Check it out, it will help you better your relationship.


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