Summary of this Episode


In this episode we are interviewing Marcus and Ashley Kusi, authors of “Emotional and Sexual Intimacy in Marriage“, and other relationship books.

Marcus and Ashley are a married couple, and like many married couples they go through challenges and hurdles, and grow together. But different than other couples, Marcus and Ashley write books about what they learn together, and have a podcast talking about that as well.

They are fun and inspiring, and we enjoyed our conversation with them very much.


These are some of the topics we covered in the interview:

  • Practical advice on rekindling passion and intimacy
  • Using bedtime conversations to increase intimacy
  • The importance of reflecting about sex and learning from it
  • How prioritizing the relationship is key for intimacy and sex
  • The cool practice of creating a bucket list of dreams for your relationship 

Bonus: Choose Your Family Theme


Marcus and Ashley generously shared with us an eBook they made about creating a family theme, which will support you in having a common goal for your family, and will make your family life more meaningful.

It’s a fun and practical eBook. Check it out!


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