Summary of this Episode


In this episode we are interviewing Mike Goldstein, The EZ Dating Coach.

Mike is probably the most effective dating coach in the world. He uses data to help his clients find serious, long term mates. He has a method that gets his clients 83 percent success rate in finding a match, after dating only 6-8 people.

And other than that, he’s a great guy, super fun, and has a lot of practical wisdom about men, women and dating.


These are some of the topics we covered in the interview:

  • What makes his method so effective
  • Super valuable dating advices
  • How to get a man to continue to date?
  • What do women want?
  • How do you know if he’s the right mate for you?

Bonus: Best EZ Dating Videos for Long Term Couples 


Mike Goldstein is super generous with his knowledge, and had an active YouTube channel with more than 100 great videos, filled with goodies for about men, women and dating.

We combed through these videos and made a list of the best videos for long term couples. They are fun, inspiring and practical.



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