Summary of this Episode

In this episode we are interviewing Ruth Maille, a parenting coach, certified by PAX, Alison Armstrong’s organization.

In this great conversation we go into the differences between people who are testosterone based, thus acting like hunters, to people who are estrogen based, thus acting as gatherers.

Hunters tend to use single focus, listen to point and problem, and appreciate facts.

Gatherers have a more diffused awareness, give a lot of details in a conversation, and appreciate feelings.


These are some of the topics we covered in the interview:

    • The difference between people in hunter mode to people in gatherer mode
    • How to overcome those differences in a conversation
    • The birth of The Rage Monster
    • How to help the rage monster feel safe and cared for
    • The magic of apologizing

Bonus: How to Apologize Effectively 


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