Summary of this Episode


Welcome to episode 10 of season 3 on the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this episode we talk to Alyssa Rizzo, a visionary and entrepreneur who helps leaders and visionaries manifest their genius.

Alyssa holds a unique perspective where the visionary is the woman, and her husband is providing and supporting her vision.


In this interview she shares about:

  • Her personal story in becoming a business owner
  • How her husband supported her in the process of manifesting her dreams 
  • What do you do when your partner crashes
  • How dealing with conflict heads on is way better than avoiding it
  • How to bring to your relationship knowledge and tools without letting your partner feel less than you
  • The Peace Table – a great, easy to use tool for conflict resolution and emotional repair
  • How growing in her relationship helps her with her clients
  • What a partner of a visionary needs to know
  • How deep trust is all about knowing that your partner is considering your dreams while manifesting their dreams


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    Shachar Erez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 12 years married, father of two

    Ziv Raviv, 16 years married, father of three