Summary of this Episode

 Welcome to episode 12 of season 3 of the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this week’s episode we are joined by Rhoda Mills Sommer from Therapy Ideas, who also runs the podcast What Healthy Couples Know That You Don’t. We have a fun, lively conversation about married couples, being in relationship, and staying true to yourself.

There’s a lot to learn from Rhoda’s vast experience and unique style. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • What healthy couples know that you don’t
  • What makes healthy relationships
  • How to let differences sit quietly
  • Respect is more important than love
  • Couples who don’t fight have real problems
  • Being authentic creates conflict, and that’s ok
  • Estrogen vs Testosterone
  • Growing up is honestly facing painful situations
  • Giving up self-righteousness
  • Why do women give up on sex?
  • Anger and emotions for men
  • The disappointment under male anger
  • Authenticity and vulnerability is sexy


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