Summary of this Episode


Welcome to episode 14 of season 3 on the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this episode we talk to Ken Moskowitz.

Ken is a serial entrepreneur, life-long storyteller, proud dad of five kids, and an accidental pilot.

There’s a lot to learn from Ken’s vast knowledge about building successful businesses and growing a great family. Ken and his wife have 5 children. They fostered 19 children. And adopted 2 children. At the same time, Ken also runs 3 successful businesses. Wow!

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • Ken shared his personal story and how he didn’t want to have children at first, but ended up parenting so many
  • Ken believes that in order to have a successful marital partnership, it’s good to discuss and create roles in the marriage
  • It’s also important to create boundaries between family and business
  • Ken and his wife support each other’s roles and needs
  • They also make sure to have nourishing hobbies
  • Similarly, in business, Ken makes sure to surround himself with supportive people
  • Ken is a creative person so he built a business around his creativity – Ad Zombies – is a very successful copywriting service



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