Summary of this Episode


Welcome to episode 3 of season 3 on the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this episode we talk to Ricardo Ortizcazarin, the President (and Janitor when needed) of Cazarin Interactive, a successful digital marketing agency.


In this special episode he shares with us his unusual story of a mystical awakening in 2008 and how it changed his life from a life focused on success and money to a life which is all about leaving a legacy and being the best person he could be.

He also shares with us great tips on leading a marriage of equality, respect and trust, of a partnership.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • Ricardo’s spiritual awakening and how it changed his life
  • How to be a successful businessman and have a loving, strong, supportive marriage
  • What life should be about
  • Negotiating roles with your partner so that both of you do the roles you like doing, and share roles you like less
  • How to support each other’s careers
  • Creating rituals that fill up your marriage with good memories
  • The importance of knowing when to give space to each other
  • Being the best person you can be



Bonus: Tips to Keep a Great Marriage 


Ricardo and Mary share tips on how to keep a great marriage for longer than 30 years.

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