Summary of this Episode


Welcome to episode 4 of season 3, on the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this episode we talked to Kellee Wip who is a successful “mom-prenuer” and partner at Mom’s Making Six Figures.


Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • Kellee started in the business world in a really young age and quickly moved through the ranks
  • Kellee met the father of her kids in that business journey
  • All of a sudden, she hit a point in her career where she’s no longer growing in the corporate world and feeling stuck
  • Kellee shifted out of the corporate world and moved to the entrepreneurial world so she can prioritize her kids and family
  • 9 years later she can say that this is the best decision she ever made
  • Her relationship with her husband was like roommates because of lack of communication and not too much love and it resulted in a divorce
  • Kellee had a real good picture of what a good partnership looks like
  • Kellee eventually found a person who supports her all the way
  • When she looks at her relationship, she appreciates the small things that her partner does for her more than the big things
  • In her present career, they chose to help moms bring in extra income for the family while at home and taking care of the family
  • Her advice is to really understand why you are doing what you’re doing – and this will help you make great decisions in your life
  • Kellee is happy with her life because she knows the ‘Why?’ of what she’s doing.



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