Welcome to episode 6 of season 3, on the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this episode we talked to Zach Brittle, a couples therapist from Seattle, WA. He is a certified Gottman therapist and has worked closely to John Gottman, the famous couples researcher. 

Zach is the founder and co-host of Marriage Therapy Radio, and the author of the best selling relationship guide The Relationship Alphabet

He has been happily married to Rebecca over 20 years, and they have 2 teenage daughters.

Zach’s latest book is the Marriage Therapy Journal which is a book and a course that offers 28 days of micro lessons to achieve better communication, less conflict, and more connection with your partner. You should definitely check it out!

We had a great conversation with Zach, packed with research based tips you can use to better your marriage today.


Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • The basis of long term relationship is friendship
  • 69% of the couple problems can’t be solved. When you focus on the solvable problem things get a lot easier
  • In therapy we help couples learn how to have an effective dialogue
  • The importance of making sex a priority
  • Good couples have a Five to One ratio – five positive interactions to one negative interaction
  • It’s important to learn where you get the best return of investment in your relationship
  • Happy couple do small things often for each other
  • The 6-second kiss
  • The Magic 6 Hours
  • Zach also introduces 5 kinds of intimacies to his clients – listen to the episode to know more
  • https://zachbrittle.com/
  • https://marriagetherapyradio.com/

    Bonus: The Marriage Therapy Journal


    Zach is happy to share the first episode of The Marriage Therapy Journal.

    Click the download button to get your free copy.


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