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Welcome to episode 7 of season 3, on the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this episode we talked to Belah Rose, an internationally acclaimed author, intimacy coach and founder of the Delight Your Marriage podcast heard in 155 countries worldwide and awarded 19th of the Top 30 Relationship Podcasts

Belah Rose’s vision is for an intimately generous, playful, and purposeful marriage in every family. She coaches 1:1 and groups of men or women to become more unified in their marital intimacy – loving in the way that their spouse receives love.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • Belah teaches that it takes intentionality to not lose passion in the marriage
  • It’s important to know the differences between what the wife needs and what the husband needs 
  • The 3 Essential needs that men are craving for and the 3 essential needs  for women
  • The difference between masculine and feminine sex
  • How to make the wife confident to have better sex
  • The importance of practicing gratitude
  • When trying something new in a marriage it will always be awkward at first. Try it anyway 🙂



Bonus: 10 Compliments Every Day  


Belah Rose is happy to share her tips on how to give compliments to your spouse

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