Summary of this Episode


Welcome to episode 8 of season 3 on the Generous Marriage Podcast. In this episode we talk to Ray Blakney. 

Ray started his professional career as a software engineer. In 2006 he decided he wanted a career change, joined the U.S. Peace Corps and was assigned to Mexico. After completing his 2 years of service, he married his Spanish teacher – Laura – and stayed in Mexico to start with her a chain of successful brick and mortar language schools.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

  • Ray became an entrepreneur 12 years ago, giving up a six figure software engineer job to start a business
  • When Ray and his wife started their first business they only had two thousand dollars
  • Since then Ray created a few successful businesses all at the same time
  • For him the key to making it work is learning how to argue
  • Ray doesn’t believe in the myth of work-life balance. He prefers work-life integration
  • Ray and his wife went through dark times as well – dealing with huge business challenges and personal challenges going through IVF and trying to have a baby
  • After each failure they decided to sweeten it and take care of their relationship by going on great trips together
  • Ray’s wife supports him by listening to him and Ray is working on how he can listen more to his wife by asking more questions
  • They do their best to support each other’s dreams

Bonus: 5 Tips on How to be Productive When Working With your Spouse


Ray Blakney share his tips on working with his spouse.

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