The Orgasmic Woman

Pleasure as a Way of Life

a video course by

Michal Maayan Don

Why would anyone study the female Orgasm?

After all… this is a simple biological phenomena… well… yes and no

Many of us know this simple phenomenon, and still, it can be so challenging sometimes to have one

There is so much more than what we know, an Orgasm is an entire secret world to discover and rediscover

The feminine sexuality and the female orgasm are still a big mystery

How do we find out what we really need? How do you create passion? How do you enjoy touch…

Most of us don’t know a lot… we don’t even know that there is a lot to know!

And the men with us, or our partners in love… they don’t know either

We don’t know how to generate in our bodies more pleasure. How to breath in sex, how to move, how to give in and immerse in an experience that includes a safe lack of control over the situation during sex.

It’s not our fault!

Generations of wrong and confusing education that passes from one generation to another makes us walk away from who we really are…

In my course you will get deep and meaningful knowledge, and practical exercises too 

that will improve your sexual pleasure – both yours and of your partners

with short and intimate videos that you can watch as many times as you like

On your phone or your computer, at home or even with headphones at work

Let’s embark on a journey together to meet
Feminine Sexuality 

I invite every woman and every couple to learn with me. My personal journey started with a big challenge and a lot of issues around pleasure, and I will share with you information that was born out of my personal need.

I know how you feel because I have been there and the process I will teach you have brought me to a huge transformation. If I can reach these heights through the ideas shared in this course, then we all can too!!

    What will you learn in this course?

    We will choose being orgasmic as a way of life!

    Being Orgamsic transforms a woman into a radiate being

    You become powerful and feminine

    You are loved more than ever by yourself and your partner

    You become a woman that people want to be around

    And protect 

    An empowered woman, all by yourself and while being out there in the world

    You become a woman that knows how to enjoy everything within you and all that the world offers you

    Come… Come… the journey begins

    Some of the topics you will learn and experience

    Understand how to Orgasm

    And what is so special and different about the Feminine Orgasm

    You will unravel the secrets of the types of orgasms

    You will map the Erogenous areas of the woman body

    You will learn what science says

     And also what the ancient secret tantric and shamanic traditions say about feminine sexuality

    We will have fun with practical and life changing exercises that I almost kept only for myself 

    And we will stop settling for less

    And start feeling like we are worthy of orgasm and pleasure

    Who is Michal Maayan Don?

     A leader in the developing field of Sacred Sexuality. Michal Maayan Don (MA) is a facilitator of Women’s Circles, a trainer of women’s circle facilitators and an international teacher of sacred sexuality (ISTA).

    Michal is one of the founders of Ishtar – a school for the arts of love. She has researched personal development through sexuality in her private life, in academy and in esoteric schools around the world.

    Michal has a unique and passionate way to integrate scientific knowledge with the science of consciousness and make them accessible under the umbrella of Sacred Sexullity. She has been sharing her ideas through lectures, workshops, seminars and now, finally, through an online course.

    This practical and exciting course will enable you to have a pleasure based life.

    Common Results:

    Michal has done it with class. She gave important information, with a lot of ideas I never knew of. For example: There are different types of orgasm… Today in the gym I realized I am smiling for a whole hour, I realized that for me this was also a kind of an orgasm. And now I find myself experiencing more and more moments of pleasure… Not just in a sexual context, but as a woman. Thank you Michal!

    “I could never believe that a video course can create such a change! Since watching Michal’s course I am much more connected to my body. I am free to move, to make sounds, to feel pleasure… I love it! My partner sees this change in me and is turned on by it. Great times in our household ;)”

    “After a hideous tough week at work, that included fighting with my boss and with our customers… one second before taking a weekend nap I went into Michal’s videos… OMG. Breathing. Contracting. Moving. The whole system… absolutely crazy. It works. My hands and my head are vibrating. I am full of unbelievable energy. I lost count on how many pleasure peaks I have arrived at and can’t even believe I am writing this to you. I had to share. For two hours I didn’t have on thought about work.”

    “Michal, your approach is amazing and it opened up for me a world of knowledge about the female sexuality. As a man who considers himself knowledgeable, I was shocked at how much I don’t know. I feel like I can finally understand the person that means the most to me in this world – my partner”


    Is this course recorded or played live?

    It’s all pre recorded and you can watch the lessons whenever you feel like.

    Can I download the videos and watch them when I'm not connected to the internet?

    While this is a really great idea, unfortunately this is not a supported use case for now. Michal’s videos are hosted over a Vimeo account so that it streams the appropriate size of video for each device. You basically got to have an internet connection.

    Can I watch the video lessons more than once?

    Yes! Watch them as many times you like to (it’s actually a good idea to watch it fully at least twice).

    What if I have questions about the material in the course?

    You are more than welcome to email Michal at [email protected] or email the Generous Marriage team at [email protected]

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