Summary of this Episode


In the second part of the last episode of season 2, on the Generous Marriage Podcast we continue to go through the season, the different teachers, therapists, coaches and authors we met, and the lessons we learned from them.

This has been a great season, we met so many thought leaders and learned so much, we felt it’s important to review and digest what we’ve learned from each of them.

We go through episodes 11 – 18 and reflect on: 

  • What made an impact on us
  • What we’ve learned from each of them

At the end of the episode we share with you our plans on growing The Generous Marriage Podcast to The Generous Marriage Academy, with upcoming courses:

  • Generous Marriage Foundations – Trust
  • The Feminine Orgasm – by Michal Maayan Don
  • Love Made Simple – by Gal Szekely

Stay tuned for more information about the Generous Marriage Academy coming up soon!!



Bonus: The Best of Season 2  


We made an archive for you with the bonuses of the episodes 11 – 18, in case you missed any of them.

Just click the download button, and get all 10 bonuses. 


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Shachar Erez, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 12 years married, father of two

Ziv Raviv, 16 years married, father of three